Short Term Business Loans in

    From $2000 to $100,000

    • How to Get Short Term Business Loan
    • Borrow Against Asset You Own
    • E.g. Car, Motorbike, Boat or Truck
    • Pawn Your Asset for Loan Today
    • $2000 to $100,000 on Asset Value
Borrow Short-Term Loan Against Your Asset Value

Same-Day Business Loans

Bring & Pawn Your Asset (Direction)

Receive Cash or Bank Transfer

Short-Term Business Lender

Are you in Sydney or New South Wales and require a short-term small business loan with bad credit? Consider Cashfast, a reputable provider of short-term business loans in Sydney, offering quick financing without credit checks.

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Need more information on how to obtain a short-term business loan in Sydney by pawning your car, motorcycle, boat, truck, or machine and receiving your funds the same day.

1 Stop short-term business loans at Cash Fast Loans Sydney

Short Term Small Business Lender

Cashfast, a trusted lender of short-term business loans in Sydney, offers secured loans against assets kept as security. Most private or business assets of value that are finance free are considered suitable collateral, including Cars, Utes, Trucks, Motorcycles, Machinery and Watercraft.

Same day business finance against assets.

Short Term Finance

Need a Business Loan? Get quick financial assistance with our short-term cash loans in Sydney, requiring No Credit Checks!

No credit check small business finance.

Short Term Business Lender

Cashfast is unrivalled in the industry as we believe in creating a relationship with our borrowers. We are known for lending the highest amounts for short-term cash loans in Sydney against cars, motorcycles, watercraft, trucks and machinery.

Cash Fast Loan Benefits

  • No credit or background check is necessary.
  • No tax return or accountant contact.
  • Pay no establishment or late fee.
  • Nil repayments first 3 months.

Obtain Short Term Business Loan

Visit Cashfast business moneylender with your asset along with proof of ownership. We are conveniently located in the centre of Sydney at North Parramatta.

Same Day Process

  • Bring asset and ownership proof.
  • Appraise assets and formalise the agreement.
  • Cash in Hand or Bank Transfer.

Small Business Loans

Repayment Plan

  • Cashfast loan contracts have repayment flexibility built in.
  • Repay periodically at your choice.
  • Or one full repayment at contract expiry.
  • Option to extend the loan by paying interest monthly.

About Cashfast

Cash Fast Loans a business lender, is not a loan shark. We’re a family-owned private business lender and pawnbroker with over 30 years of combined industry experience. We are affiliated with Hock a Car, Hock a Car 4 Cash and Pawn a Car and our business is located in Sydney at North Parramatta.

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Visit us today to pawn your vehicle or machinery for instant cash in a hassle-free way! No more waiting in long queues or dealing with tedious paperwork. Our streamlined approach allows you to get the cash you need without delays. We are easily accessible for all your financial needs and are conveniently located in Central Sydney.

Get stress-free secured loans against your car, bike, boat, or machine. When you choose us, you get a trustworthy partner for your financial requirements. Our expert team will assist you throughout the process, ensuring you understand the terms and conditions clearly. So, when you need fast cash loans in Sydney, visit us today and get the cash you need!

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