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Learn more about us, Cash Fast Loans – Car Pawnbroker & Moneylender.

Since our establishment in 2002 as a pawnbroker & moneylender, we have become an expert in the pawn broking and money lending industry, always lending the highest amounts of money against cars, motorcycles, watercraft, trucks, horse floats, bobcats or machinery item.

Cash Fast Loans 100% Aussie Owned

We are a family owned and operated New South Wales licensed (2ps0438101) pawnbroker providing a cash lending service to the people of the state.

With all the years of industry experience, we have qualified us as a leading Sydney vehicle pawnbroking business. We and our partners; Hock a Car 4 Cash, Pawn a Car & Vehicle Pawnbroker are located at the North Parramatta factory complex.

More About Cash Fast Loans

Fast and Efficient Service Cash Fast Loans is unrivalled in the industry! This is  because we believe in creating a relationship with our borrowers.

Whether you are an individual or business, we strive to be one you can trust by providing a private and confidential service and most important! We do not process credit or background checks.

What a fantastic way to use the equity you already have in your goods, yes and then to get quick cash loan in minutes no wonder our customers come back time and time again.

Furthermore, it is common for our customers to utilize us to sell their goods due to the incredible convenience of getting same day cash.

There are other pawnbrokers – loan agencies available. However, we truly consider that none provide the friendly service and support that you will find we offer.

How do I Borrow Money? 
From Cash Fast Loans

About Cash Fast Loans


Visit our North Parramatta Head Office.

Bring your asset, asset ownership paper and identification. View How it Works

  • Provide identification and asset ownership paper.
  • We’ll assess your asset and verify ownership.
  • Upon agreeing a loan amount, contract will be formalized.
  • Finally receive your settlement in Cash or Bank Transfer.