Rates and Fee Guide

This information is a summary of any rates and fees that may apply to a borrowers pawn loan advanced by Cash Fast Loans – Car Pawnbroker and Moneylender.

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Cashfast is not a lender of personal or payday loans, we are a licensed Pawnbroker and Second-Hand Dealer regulated to operate within the State of New South Wales.

As a pawnbroker lender, our approval process is somewhat different to the main stream finance industry. To borrow money from Cashfast is simple, we lend money secured against goods (Generally Vehicles) which are retained by us until the loan is repaid.

Borrowers do not require a history of good credit. At Cashfast good or bad credit is irrelevant, as loans are not advanced based on credit worthiness, but against the value of goods pawned and used as collateral.

As we are not recognised as a financier and don’t provide regulated loans, our loan service is exempt from the Federal Government Credit Act 2009, but maybe covered by other provisions of the ASIC 2001 Act.


We Do Transparent Business where No Hidden Fees Apply.

Loan Interest Rate

Contracts are generally short-term during which time a monthly interest fee will be charged, more importantly, interest will only be charged for the term borrowed and with no late penalty fees incurred.

Interest is fixed at the initial contract date and rate charged will be based on the type of goods pawned and amount borrowed, whether it be a small $500 or large $100,000 loan. Consequently, each loan individually results in a different interest rate.

Extension Fee

Should borrowers need to extend their loan past the original agreed period, a monthly safe keeping fee will apply and not interest.

Interest Rate Guide

  • Different amounts lent and terms will result in different comparison rates.

Below is how we may apply rates.
(Loans* against white goods and electronic goods*)

Example Monthly loan fee is 4% of the loan* amount.

Amount You Borrow Loan Term Monthly Repayment x3 Total Repayment
$200 62 to 90 days*
(option to extend)
$88 $264
$500 62 to 90 days*
(option to extend)
$220 $660
$800 62 to 90 days*
(option to extend)
$352 $1,056
$1,000 62 to 90 days*
(option to extend)
$440 $1,320

Maximum Annual Percentage Rate based on the loan* terms selected: 48%*

Statistic suggest, loan contracts have a duration between sixty two days and 90 days, therefore, should a loan extension or early payout be necessary? Contact; Cashfast (02) 9630 6613 or visit our North Parramatta office.