Cash Fast Loans
Licensing & Rates

View our Licensing & Rates information in relation to this business Cash Fast Loans.

We are licensed within the State of New South Wales to operate as a Pawnbroker and Second-Hand Dealer. Lic: 2PS0438101.

Cash Fast Loans – Car Pawnbroker & Moneylender is not a Personal Loan or Payday lender; Therefore, it is not necessary for us to process consumer credit or background checks.

Furthermore, pawnbrokers are exempt from the Federal Government National Credit Act 2009, as it is not technically a credit or a credit service. However, it is covered by other provisions of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2001 Act

Pawning an Asset

When pledging goods and issuing loans, the amount of money lent is based on the borrowers’ requirement and the value of the asset being pawned. Consequently, each loan individually results in a different term and rate. View how it works or frequently asked questions.

Period of Loan 

  • Length of loan term offered by Cash Fast Loans range from 1 day to 3 months or more. Actual term is conditional upon the borrowers’ requirement.
  • Contracts are set at 3-month period as required by NSW legislation.
  • Should the loan be repaid within the period a fee for the term used only applies whether it be one day or three months.
  • loans may be extended beyond three months in which case a safekeeping fee applies.

No Loan Repayments for 3 Months

Loan repayments are not necessary until redemption of pawned goods, however repay as you go payment will be recognized and allocated to loan amount outstanding.

No Hidden Terms or Fees

  1. Negotiable Interest Rate & Loan Term.
  2. No Credit Check or Establishment Fee.

Rate Charged

Different amounts lent and terms will result in different comparison rates.

Below is how we may apply rates.
(Loans* against white goods and electronic goods*)

Example Monthly loan fee is 4% of the loan* amount.

Amount You Borrow Loan Term Monthly Repayment x3 Total Repayment
$200 62 to 90 days*
(option to extend)
$88 $264
$500 62 to 90 days*
(option to extend)
$220 $660
$800 62 to 90 days*
(option to extend)
$352 $1,056
$1,000 62 to 90 days*
(option to extend)
$440 $1,320

Maximum Annual Percentage Rate based on the loan* terms selected: 48%*

Statistic suggest, loan contracts have a duration between one day and three months.

Therefore, should loan extension or early payout be necessary? Contact; Cash Fast Loans.