Quick Cash Loans in Sydney

    • Use Your Car, Motorcycle or Boat As Collateral
    • Pawn Your Vehicle & Get a Quick Cash Loan!
    • No Loan Approval or Credit Check Needed
    • Pay No Establishment or Early Exit Fee
    • Get The Cash You Need Here Now!
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Quick cash loans provide in cash against cars, motorcycle & boats.

Quick Cash Loans Same Day

Quick Cash Loans
From $500 up to $100K 
At Cash Fast Loans

When you need a Quick Cash Loans for an emergency or other reason. Consider Cashfast Sydney.

We provide a no credit check loan service secured against an asset provided by borrowers as loan collateral.

Money Lenders?

With more than 20 years’ experience in lending money we think outside the box. Our money lending service may not necessarily be suitable for all. We do not lend personal, unsecured or payday loans.

We Offer an Alternative Service
For Those Needing Money!

Whether you need money for an emergency or other private reason, Cash Fast Loans lending service is designed for consumers finding it difficult to borrow money.

How to Qualify for a Fast Loan
From Our Money Lent Service?

Borrowers must own or have the rights to an asset (Generally Vehicle) that can be pawned as security against their loan.

To ensure our security over the loan the assets remain with us until repaid. In conclusion, if you own outright (No Finance owing) one of the vehicles or assets listed: Car, Van, Utility, Motorcycle, Boat we have no doubt that we can help you with a quick cash loan.

Cashfast Loans are Sydney’s No.1 Moneylender where fast cash loans are instant.

Bad Credit? No Problems!

  • No Credit Checks necessary at Cashfast – Loan Agency – Pawn Shop.

We specialise in advancing short-term secured Quick Cash Loans ranging from small $500 up to large $100,000 loans based on the value of asset provided to us as collateral by you as loan security. View Loan Checklist.

Fast Cash Loan Process is Easy

No Loan Approval or Credit Check Required.
Pay No Establishment or Early Exit Fee.
In addition, you make No Repayments Until Loan Expiry.
Cash in Minutes our Guarantee

How to Get a Fast Cash Loan

To borrow a quick cash loan simply use your vehicle you own as collateral against the fast finance you intend to borrow. Subject to your need and your vehicles value we will pawn your vehicle and lend from $500 up to $100,000 against it. We consider all types of vehicles and other assets.

Quick cash loans provide in cash against cars, motorcycle & boats.

Loan Conditions

  •     Asset to be finance free, or minimal owing.
  •     Asset remains with us for the loan term.

What we Require From You

Visit Cashfast Loans – loan agency – vehicle pawn shop office North Parramatta with your asset.

Fast & Easy Process

  • Provide identification and asset ownership paper.
  • We’ll appraise your asset and formalize the paperwork.
  • Your payment in cash or bank transfer.

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Get Your Instant Loan!
Follow These Easy Steps

Borrow $1000 up to $100K Against Your Assets Value
To Pawn Your Car Visit Us At Our Vehicle Pawn Shop
Bring Asset & Ownership Paper
Car, Motorcycle, Boat, Truck or similar.
Inspection and Verification
Inspection & Verification
We assess asset & confirm ownership.
Sign the Paperwork
Sign Paperwork
Formalize loan amount and contract.
Get Your Cash
Get Your Money Immediately
Your choice: Cash or Bank Transfer.

Quick Cash Loans is a product provided by Cash Fast Loans

Our short-term instant cash loan product is provided to private and business consumers that are requiring cash funds in a hurry, “That Is Within One Day”. The express cash loans product offers a fast and easy way to borrow against one’s collateral (assets).

Quick cash loans are advanced against the security of an auto assets value. Maybe a car, boat, motorcycle, trailer etc. A requirement to borrow a cash loan in Sydney with CashFastLoans is that the borrowers collateral that they intend to borrow against must be owned outright with nil finance owing.

Why approach Cash Fast Loans for a prompt cash loans in Sydney?

At CashFast, we think outside the square and lend against most types of collateral. When a borrower visit us for a short-term cash loans they find that the no credit check instant cash loan Sydney service is express, convenient, private and confidential. Prompt cash loans are processed with no credit or background checks. There are no lengthy applications or forms for rapid money loans. Furthermore, there is no requirement for bank statements or payslips when approving a borrower’s loan. Usually cash is advanced in minutes*. Even if the borrower has a bad credit history, they can easily get a quick cash finance from us.

Who can borrow an instant cash loan in Sydney from us?

If you’re employed or an unemployed individual, student, business or sole trader and have a bad credit standing or maybe bankrupt. None of these factors matters at all. All individuals are eligible to borrow instant cash loans in Sydney from Cashfast.com.au. Basically all you need is to have an asset of value to borrow against the money needed. Your auto asset will be retained by us in storage as a guarantee against the loan.

What is the procedure to obtain a quick cash finance?

Visit our office with your asset, we are located at Parramatta. We’ll appraise your assets and assess it’s condition. Once we have completed our title check and are satisfied with the condition and value of your asset, we will discuss you loan requirement. We are sure you will comfortable with our offer.

What do we need to provide to obtain no credit check instant cash loan in Sydney?

Simply provide proof of your identity and asset ownership. You will receive an instant cash loan with no credit check against your auto asset. Then finally, your auto asset will be placed into our secure storage facility for the loan term.

The best and fairest short-term loan amount

As we keep your asset of value usually for a short-term period, we are able to provide you with the best cash loan against your auto asset. We can provide you the fairest deal, as we have considerable expertise in loaning money against most types of assets. Most of our clients use us on a regular basis. We are fair, honest, private and confidential, and able to store your asset safely at our secured facility.

Storage facilities available for various size assets

Safe and secure storage facilities of various sizes are available to store your asset for the loan term. awaiting your pick up after the completion of the loan period. Rest assured your belongings are in safe hands!

Terms & Conditions For Cash Loans

  • Clients only pay for the loan period used, for example – one, two or three months.
  • You have the flexibility to decide the length of your loan and repayment schedule. You may opt to pay periodically or at the expiry of the loan.
  • Should you require extra time to repay your loan amount, you can extend it without any penalty fees.

Get in touch – We are Located Near Parramatta, Sydney

Are you looking for quick cash loans in Sydney with no credit check? Visit CashFast, or just call us on 02 9630 6613  for the best possible solution. We can help you even with your bad credit history.

About Us

We are a family owned and operated New South Wales licensed (2ps0438101) pawnbroker providing a cash lending service to residences of this state.

Since our establishment in 2002 as a pawnbroker & moneylender, we have become an expert in the pawn brokering and money lending industry. Cash Fast Loans always lends the highest amounts of money against cars, motorcycles, boats, horse floats, bobcats or assets.

Our quick and efficient service is unrivalled in the industry because we believe in creating a relationship with our borrowers.

Whether you are a private individual, sole trade or company, we strive to be one you can trust. We provide a private and confidential service and most important! do not process credit or back ground checks.

Furthermore, it is not uncommon for our customers to utilize us to sell their assets due to the incredible convenience of getting same day cash.

There are other pawnbrokers – loan agencies available but we truly consider that none provide the friendly service and support that you will find we offer.