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How it Works to Borrow
Against Your Car / Asset

Cash Fast Loans how it works guide and loan checklist explains how to obtain a cash loan the same day irrespective whether you are a private or business borrower or maybe have bad credit.

Secured Cash Loans are available ranging from $500 up to $200,000 based on your requirement and value of your asset you intend to pawn and use as loan collateral.

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What Assets Do We Lend On?

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Amazing Terms

  • No background or credit check.
  • Pay no application, establishment or late fee.
  • Zero monthly repayments.
  • Repay when asset is collected.

Loan Conditions

  • Asset is retained by us until debt repaid.

You Need to Provide?

Identification & ownership proof.

  • Identification Document
    Driver licence, photo ID or passport.

how it works & documents needed

  • Ownership Document 
    Registration certificate or sales receipt.

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How it Works to Obtain A Loan?

Visit our head office Cash Fast, located at North Parramatta Head. (Directions)

  • We’ll assess asset and confirm ownership.
  • Formalize loan amount and contract.

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Receive Payment

Cash or Bank Transfer, your choice.

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Finalizing Your Loan

  • Call and provide notice you intend to collect your asset and pay out your loan.

Contract Terms

  • Contracts are set at three-months but can be finalized earlier or later with no penalty fees.
  • Monthly loan repayments are not necessary for the first 3 months. However, you may at your choice pay periodically or at loan expiry.
  • To extend the loan term, a fee must be paid prior to the final date of the original agreed loan term.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Your Queries You May Have?

Does one have to be employed?

Employment is not necessary when pawning an asset for a loan.

I don’t have a driver’s licence?

Any photo identification or documentation displaying name and address is suitable.

Do I require good credit score to obtain a loan?

Your credit rating or score is irrelevant to obtaining a loan from Cash Fast Loans.

Can I pawn a vehicle that’s unregistered or registered in another state?

Yes, providing ownership can be verified either by documentation or online.

Does vehicle ownership or registration have to be in my name?

This is not necessary; simply provide sufficient proof you have rights and are justified in pawning the asset.