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Cash Fast Loans - Car Pawnbroker & Moneylender offers loans against cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats & machinery.

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Cash Loans on Cars & Bikes

Family, Sport, Prestige Cars & Vans.

Road, Dirt & Quad Motorcycles.

Loans on Trucks & Machinery

  • Pantech, Refrigerated & Tray Tops.
  • Bobcats, Tractors & Bulldozers.

Loans on Boats & Jet Skis

  • Pleasure, Fishing Boats & Jet Skis.
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Cash Fast Loans

Cash Fast Loans – Car Pawnbroker and Moneylender, a family owned Sydney vehicle pawnbroker and money lending service. With more than 20 years industry experience in providing no credit check fast cash loans to private and short term business loan borrowers and even borrowers with prior bad credit loans history.

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How it works?

  • We provide a convenient money lending service that allow borrowers to acquire a no credit check short-term loan. Loans are available from $1000 up to $100,000, even if prior bad credit loans history is an issue.
  • Short-term loans are advanced based on the value of an asset which is lodged with us as loan security.

What assets do we
lend money against?

  • Loans against cars including; family, prestige & classic cars. Other assets including: motorcycles, watercraft, trucks, machinery and equipment. Whether it be a Porsche, Toyota, Yamaha, Quintrex, Bobcat Excavator? or any similar asset we can certainly assist with a short-term loan secured against your asset.

Cash Fast Loans  - Car Pawnbroker & Moneylender turns motors into loans no credit checks & quick cash loans

What amount will we lend?

  • Private or business short-term loans offered, range from $1000 up to $100,000. However, this is dependent on the amount of no credit check finance required. And borrowers asset value.

What are loan requirements?

  • Borrowers must own or have rights to an asset to qualify, e.g. Car, Motorcycle, Boat, Truck or Machinery. Having this available, we can help with no credit check finance. Still unsure? Checkout our How it Works or FAQs summary.

Obtain a fast cash loan

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  • Cash or Bank Transfer, your choice.

How do I make repayments?

  • For the first few months repayments are not necessary, fast cash loan contracts are only short-term and full payment is not necessary until loan expiry.
  • However, you have the choice to pay as you go if you wish.

More Information?

No Credit Check Cash Loans

Get Money Instantly! Borrow Against Your Asset

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Your Queries
What assets types can be pawned?

We’ll consider most vehicle and watercraft types including cars, motorcycles, boats and trucks. Also machinery and equipment.

Can i pawn a vehicle if unregistered?

No problems, however we do require proof of ownership.

How do i borrow a cash loan using my vehicle as collateral?

If you are looking for instant cash in Sydney, make contact with Cash Fast Loans – Vehicle Pawnbroker & Moneylender.

Can i pawn my vintage car?

As a car pawn shop in Sydney we loan against all vehicle types whether it be a family car, sports car, prestige car, vintage car, classic car, truck or van.

I want to pawn my boat, what papers do i need?

We require, boat and trailer ownership documents.

NSW areas we service

Having lent thousands of fast cash loans to customers from all areas from Palm Beach to Cronulla, from Newcastle to Wollongong to Windsor. Whether you live in the Sydney CBD or the Sydney Greater West? It’s a short drive to Cash Fast Loans, Sydney’s Premier Vehicle Pawnbroker & Moneylender located 10 North Rocks Rd, North Parramatta.