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  • Repay Upon Asset Pick Up
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Loans Against Cars

  • borrow against your car

Loans Against Motorcycles

  • borrow against your motorcycle here

Loans against Boats

  • borrow short-term against boat

Loans on Trucks or Machine

  • short term fast cash loans loans against trucks

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Welcome to Cash Fast Loans Car Pawnbroker & Moneylender your drive in cash no credit check loan lender.

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Having difficulty researching the net for a Fast Cash Loans, Bad Credit Loan, No Credit Check Loan or Same Day Loans, as a moneylender we offer all at Cashfast – Car Pawnbroker and Moneylender loan shop.

Car Pawnbroker Loans

This business is not a payday lender or loan shark! We are a licensed NSW Pawnbroker & Second-Hand Dealer operating as a car pawnbroker and moneylender providing a convenient and same day money lending service.

Fast and hassle-free lending, requiring no processing of credit checks. As a registered NSW Pawnbroker & Second-Hand Dealer we lend money according to the value of goods pawned (Generally Motor Vehicles). Goods are retained by us at our pawn shop until debt is repaid.

How it Works – Loan Agency

Bring Your: Car, Motorcycle, Boat, Truck or similar

Obtain Loan – Leave Asset

Repay Loan – Get Asset Back

Moneylender Offers

No Credit Check Loans ranging from $500 up to $100,000. Furthermore, our same day loans are processed in just minutes.

Fast Cash Loans Benefits

Only pay interest for term borrowed

Option to repay any time to reduce loan

Zero application or hidden fees

Loan Shop Repayment Plan

We endeavour to ensure your same day cash loan is affordable by offering no monthly repayments and one full and final payment at contract expiry. However, you may repay periodically any time to reduce your debt.

No monthly repayments necessary

✅ Make one repayment only upon asset collection

No Credit Check Loans

Whether you’re private or business borrower requiring an emergence loan or short-term cash loan, you can obtain your no credit check loan here. Even if you have prior bad credit loan history.

Same Day Cash Loans?

Be assured as a loan shop our same day loans are not difficult to obtain! Simply borrow against your car collateral or similar asset as security against your same day loan by pawning your vehicle / asset. Don’t wait borrow the money you need. Call or visit Cash Fast Loans located in Sydney at North Parramatta.

Same day cash loans, fast cash loans & bad credit loans at Cash Fast Loans, Car Pawnbroker & Moneylender.


Bad Credit Loans

Learn More

View how it works or FAQs guide, which provides a full understanding of our lending and quick cash loans service.

Bad Credit Loans No Problems

Vehicles Lent Against?

Our service allows you to obtain instant cash loan money borrowing money against your Car, whether it be: Family, SUV, Prestige or Classic.

Image of vehicle car and no credit check loan against vehicles at Cashfast Car Pawnbroker.

Other Assets Lent Against

Include: Boats, Motorcycles, Jet Skis, Trucks and Equipment.

Other assets vehicle pawnbroker lend against, include: Motorcycles, Boats, Jet Skis, Trucks and Equipment.

No Waiting! Instant Cash Loan!

We’ll pawn your vehicle / asset and process your no credit check loan in minutes.

No waiting and no credit check necessary at Cashfast Car Pawnbroker

Receive Money Instantly

Cash in Hand or Bank Transfer.

Get a short-term cash loan against vehicle and receive cash or eft at Cashfast moneylender

Loans Against Vehicles & Other Collateral

Receive Money Immediately

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Your Queries
What assets types can be borrowed against?

Loans are available against cars, motorcycles, boats, jet skis, trucks and machinery.

How do I get a loan using my vehicle as collateral?

Get in touch, give us a call or visit us.

Can I borrow money against my classic car?

Yes! We lend money on all vehicles whether it be a vintage, sports or prestige.

NSW areas we service

Having lent thousands of fast cash loans to customers from all areas from Palm Beach to Cronulla, from Newcastle to Wollongong to Windsor. Whether you live in the Sydney CBD or the Sydney Greater West? It’s a short drive to Cash Fast Loans, Sydney’s Premier Vehicle Pawnbroker & Moneylender located 10 North Rocks Rd, North Parramatta.

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