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    • Prior Bad Credit No Problem
    • No Credit Check Necessary
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Pawn your car loan against car equity.


Pawn Your Car Loans

Can I pawn my car and borrow money against it? Don’t look beyond Cash Fast Loans, Parramatta’s Best Car Pawn Shop offering car pawn loans.

Our convenient lending service allows individuals and businesses to obtain quick money using their vehicles as collateral. You can secure a loan against your car title, making it a simple and accessible process.

Pawn your vehicle & borrow against your vehicle.

How to Borrow Money
Against Your Car

Use the value of your vehicle to obtain a private or business loan by pawning your vehicle and using it as security for a secured loan against your car title, SUV, Ute, Van or Truck.

Vehicle Pawn Loan Process

  • Bring your vehicle: Directions
  • Agree loan amount and formalise
  • Vehicle placed into storage
  • Receive cash in hand or OSKO instant bank transfer
  • Finalizing – repay loan and retrieve vehicle

Pawn Your Car Loan – Benefits

With over 20 years of industry experience and having expanded our car pawn shop in Sydney at North Parramatta to include HockCar, HockCar4Cash and PawnaCar, furthermore, we are innovative by offering flexible loan terms and conditions:

  • No repayments first 3 months
  • Zero credit or history check
  • Nil application or hidden fees

Cash Loan Against Car

Pay Later Repayment Plan where monthly repayments are not necessary as borrowers are only required by law to repay in full at the time of asset pick up / redemption.

Your Vehicle Has Finance Owing

Should you owe money on your vehicle, we can offer you a loan, including finalising your current finance.

No Credit Check
Loans Against Cars

When borrowing money from Cashfast – Car Pawnbroker, your good or bad credit history is irrelevant. We do not research applicants’ financial history, as our loans are secured against assets (vehicles) which borrowers provide and remain in our custody until the loan is repaid in full.

No credit check cash loans lent against cars & other vehicles

Pawn a Car – Prestige or Classic

Pawn your prestige or classic vehicle confidently at Cashfast, a trusted auto pawnbroker in Sydney. Unlock the value of your vehicle and obtain the money you need by pawning your car today.

Cash loan against car, prestige or classic.

Business or Sole Trader Loans

Obtain a short-term business loan and money today, with No Tax Return, Accountant Contact or Credit Check. Go ahead and pawn your private or business car, ute, or truck and obtain a short-term cash loan immediately.

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Visit us today to pawn your vehicle or machinery for instant cash in a hassle-free way! No more waiting in long queues or dealing with tedious paperwork. Our streamlined approach allows you to get the cash you need without delays. We are easily accessible for all your financial needs and are conveniently located in Central Sydney.

Get stress-free secured loans against your car, bike, boat, or machine. When you choose us, you get a trustworthy partner for your financial requirements. Our expert team will assist you throughout the process, ensuring you understand the terms and conditions clearly. So, when you need fast cash loans in Sydney, visit us today and get the cash you need!

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Answers to your question
How to obtain a vehicle pawn loan at Cash Fast Loans?

Borrowers must be able to prove they either own or have entitlement to the vehicle they intend to pawn and borrow money against.

Will my credit be researched when obtaining a vehicle pawn loan?

Licensed vehicle pawnbrokers are not required to research borrowers credit as the asset being pawned and borrowed against remain it their custody as collateral / security for the loan.

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