How to get Pawn loan against my Car or Suv?

The pawn loan against car process is fast and easy. Commonly called pawning or hocking a car / vehicle in Australian. At Cash Fast Loans Car Pawnbrokers we provide $500 to $50,000 pawn loans against cars & suvs of all types. Borrow a cash pawn car loan against car at Cash Fast Loansthe No. 1 Car Pawnbroker Shop & Moneylender in Sydney. You may own a Ford, BMW, Mercedes, Holden, Toyota, Audi, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Honda or any other car make or model. You can borrow money against your car by pawning  your car at Cash Fast Loans. Even more amazing at the car pawn shop is that you will get your loan against car title with cash paid in just minutes.

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Loan Amounts $500* to $50,000*
Loan Types Cash loans against vehicles.
Loan Term You decide.
Process Time Loan & Cash in Minutes*
Interest Rate  Fixed – For The Loan Period.
Who Can Get Private or Business.
Eligibility 18 Years and over.
Repayments No repayments till loan expiry.
Documents Required Click To View Checklist .
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I prefer Cash Fast Loans for loan against car because of their quick and no credit check services. I strongly recommend this place to people who are in need of quick money.


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We were out of cash at the time of our property renovation. Cash Fast Loans explained everything in detail how they can help. Helpful staff and impressive services.


I visited cash fast loans to get loan against my car title. Their services were really quick. Thanks for the same day finance.


I found Cash Fast Loans services good because of their quick response while I apply for a loan against my car. The staff is also helpful.


I applied for a loan against my car and within a few hours I received the loan. The process was too easy and quick.


I pawned my car to get a loan and I am extremely happy with the efficient and fast service from Cash Fast Loans.


There are various places in Australia, where we can get small cash loans, but you need to pass through lots of paperwork. As per my experience, I found Cash Fast Loans a best place where I can get instant cash against my car. Best way to get secured loan without much paperwork.


Car Pawn Loans are far better than Payday loans. I got the loan in less than 30 minutes without much verification process. Thanks to Cash Fast Loans.


When I was in a need of money urgently, at that time Cash Fast Loans gave me a loan very quickly. They had taken my car as a security and given me a loan in a very short time. Thank you, Cash Fast Loans.

Cash Fast Loans - Car Pawnbrokers & Money Lenders 02 9630 6613 , Australia
4.5 5.0 13 13 I prefer Cash Fast Loans for loan against car because of their quick and no credit check services. I strongly recommend this place to people who are in need of quick money.

How a pawn car loan process work?

Do you have the same question in your mind, “How can I pawn my car?” It’s actually quite simple. Come and meet us with your car along with the car’s title or registration papers, and pawn your car with us and receive immediate cash in your pocket in just 30 minutes*. It’s a simple and hassle-free process to borrow money against your car. We don’t do any credit checks. You can pawn your car and obtain quick cash loan ranging from $500* to $50,000* depending upon the car’s estimated value. You’ll obtain a same day cash loan from us. Best of all no regular repayments are required! You can repay your car pawn loan at the end of the loan period, this gives you the flexibility to use your cash for any emergency situation without worrying about regular repayments.

Why Cash Fast Loans over a Personal Loan Lender?

Cash Fast Loans – Auto Pawnbroker

Loans From Personal Loan Lenders

No credit or background checks required Defaulting means debt collector involvement
No hidden charges whatsoever You’ll incur extra charges and fees
No need for bank statements or pay slips Pay slips and bank statements will be verified
Instant processing of pawn loan Is a lengthy process to get the loan approved
Instant approval – you’ll get cash in minutes* or less Maybe 7 day loan approval with no guarantee
You can get a auto pawn cash loan $500 to $50,000* At the most, you may get a loan up to $10,000*
No repayments until the payout date. Weekly, monthly repayments are required.
  • Are you in need of urgent cash money today?
  • Do you have a bad credit history and unable to get a loan from a bank or a financial organisation?

No Problems – You can obtain secured bad credit cash loans from Cash Fast Loans – Car Pawnbrokers Sydney’s No.1 auto pawnbroker and moneylender.  We can provide you a car pawn loan secured loan against your car’s value in just minutes.

Pawnbroker and personal credit lender both offer cash loans but their services are not the same. Pawnbrokers offer cash loans against asset based collateral such as a car, truck, boat, motorbike, etc. whereas personal credit lenders depend on credit checks, employment history.

Interested in knowing more, read Pawnbroker vs. Personal credit lender – Which Should I Choose?