Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pawn loan?

  • Pawn loans are short-term loans advanced based on borrower pledging an asset which is retained by the lender (Cash Fast Loans) as security.
  • Upon the borrower repaying the loan in full the asset is then returned.

What assets will Cash Fast Loans pawn and lend against?

  • We offer short-term cash loans against cars, motorcycles, boats, trucks, vans, caravans and machinery.

How do i obtain a cash loan?

  • To acquire a cash loan, you will need an asset that you own, photo identification and proof of asset ownership.

What amount can I borrow against my asset?

  • Loans are available from $1000 up to $100,000 for a short-term.

What interest will my loan attract?

  • Interest rates are determined by the amount borrowed and value of the asset pledged as security.
  • Once we have assessed the asset, we will be able to provide an accurate rate of interest. 

Does it matter why I require the money?

Cash Fast Loans aren’t concerned about what you do with your money.

Can I borrow if I have a bad credit or a bankrupt?

You can obtain a pawn loan regardless of your financial condition or bad credit history.

Do we pawn and lend against interstate vehicles?

We pawn and provide cash loans for interstate vehicles as well.

Do we pawn and lend against unregistered vehicles?

No problems, we pawn and provide cash loans against unregistered vehicles. However, you must provide ownership proof.

Will my credit be affected if I apply?

We never check borrowers credit or background history.

Does my vehicle have to be free of finance?

We prefer there isn’t any finance owing, however, if there is call Cash Fast Loans to discuss.

Will there be a problem if ownership papers are in a company or other person’s name?

In most of the cases, this won’t be a problem, we can generally work around this issue.

For what time duration can I borrow cash loan?

You can borrow cash loan for a short-term generally up to 3 months (Can be extended by paying a fee for the extra period).

How should I repay the loan amount?

You can choose pay as you go or repay at loan’s expiry.

If I repay my loan early, will it attract a penalty?

Repaying your loan early won’t attract any penalty.