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Get answers to your queries, we have compiled this FAQs guide for everything you need to know about our quick cash loans and short term business loans.

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With more than twenty years experience, we have qualified as a leading Sydney vehicle pawn broking and money lending business.

Operating from our North Parramatta location, we provide a relatively easy way of raising money fast when required. We are a business you can trust; our service is unrivalled in the industry because we believe in building customer relationship first.

Frequently Asked Question Guide

You can learn more by viewing our frequently asked questions guide as detailed below. This may help you understand our lending service.

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About Cashfast

Cash Fast Loans a family-owned car, motorcycle and boat pawnbroker and moneylender with more than 30 years of combined industry experience. We are affiliated with Hock a Car, Hock a Car 4 Cash and Pawn a Car and our businesses are located in Sydney at our North Parramatta office complex.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pawn loan?

  • Pawn loans are loans advanced based on a borrower pledging an asset which is retained by the lender (Cashfast Loans) as collateral.
  • Once the debt is paid in full the asset is reunited with the borrower.

What assets will Cash Fast Loans pawn and lend against?

How do i obtain a cash loan?

  • To acquire a cash loan, you will need an asset that you own, photo identification and proof of asset ownership.

What amount can I borrow against my asset?

  • Loans are available from $500 up to $100,000.

What interest will my loan attract?

  • Interest rates are determined based on the amount borrowed and value of the asset pledged as security.
  • Once we have assessed the asset, we will provide an accurate rate of interest. 

Does it matter why I require the money?

Cash Fast Loans are not concerned why or what you do with your money you receive from your cash loan advance.

Can I borrow if I have a bad credit or a bankrupt?

You can obtain a pawn loan regardless of your financial situation or bad credit history.

Do we pawn and lend against interstate vehicles?

Providing we can establish asset ownership, we will pawn the vehicle and provide a cash loan irrespective what state it originates from.

Do we pawn and lend against unregistered vehicles?

Never a problem, we can pawn any vehicle whether unregistered or registered, providing we can verify vehicle ownership prior to formalizing the vehicle pawn loan.

Will my credit be affected if I apply for a loan with Cash Fast Loans?

Never, as we do not process credit checks as borrowers good or bad credit rating is not relevant to obtaining a loan from Cash Fast Loans.

Does my vehicle or asset have to be free of finance?

We prefer nil finance, however, should there be? Simply call Cash Fast Loans and we will discuss a solution.

Will there be a problem if name on the ownership papers are in a company or other person?

In most of the cases, this will not be a problem, we can generally work around this issue. Contact Cash Fast Loans and we will advise the ownership documents we require.

For what time duration can I borrow cash loan?

You can obtain a cash loan for a short or long term. However, contracts are initially set at three month term with an option to extend the contact for an additional period available at your choice.

How should I repay the loan amount?

As per the loan contract, repayments are not necessary for the first ninety days. However, at your choice you may pay periodically.

If I repay my loan early, will it attract a penalty?

Repaying your loan early will not attract any penalty.