How to Get a Private Loan from a Private Moneylender Sydney?

Well, you may have visited your bank and other financial institutions. Still haven’t succeeded in obtaining a loan, which you require so badly to fulfil your obligations. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a businessperson, professional or belong to other walks of life; you can obtain a speedy private loan from a private money lenders in Sydney. It doesn’t matter at all, if you have a bad credit rating, defaulted on past loans, or have been declared bankrupt, Cash Fast Loans as a moneylender can certainly help you. As private money lenders, we can provide you with a private loan against cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats, jet skis’ or machinery.

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Loan Amount $500* to $50,000*
Type of Loan The loan is secured against your automotive asset you own.
Loan Period Three Months less or more as per your requirement.
Time For Loan Process You’ll receive cash in just 30 minutes* or less on the same day.
Interest Rate Type Fixed – Stays unchanged till the loan’s expiry.
Who Can Get Professionals, employed or unemployed individuals including businessperson.
Eligibility 18 years + of age and must own an automotive asset.
Repay Options Don’t pay weekly or monthly, one payment only on Payout Date.
Loan Checklist Click Here to view list of documents we require when you visit us.


Why Choose Private Moneylender Over Personal Credit Lender For Cash Loans?


Pay or bank credit history will be verifiedTo get the loan approved, the process is lengthier

Pawn Loans From Private Moneylender

Loans From Personal Credit Lenders

Auto Pawn loans do not effect your credit rating Your credit ratings will be affected if you default.
There are no hidden charges at all You’ll charged extra fees and charges
No credit checks or pay slips or bank statements. Pay slips and bank statements will be verified.
Pawn loan is approved quickly without hassle. The loan approval process is lengthy.
You’ll get loan and cash in just 30 minutes* or less You’ll have to wait patiently for loan approval
Auto pawn loan ranging $500* and $50,000* Up to $10,000 you may receive at the most.
Until the payout date, no repayments are required Repayments will have to be made monthly


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Private Loan Lenders

Cash Fast Loans like to think differently! If you’re not able to acquire a bank loan due to their tough requirements but you need to get quick funds then our private cash lenders may have the solution you’re looking for! We work to get you the funds you need in less than 30 minutes* on the same day.

Private Loans

Cash Fast Loans is Sydney’s best private money lender. Cash fast offer flexible private funding loans that will suit people from all walks of life. Most noteworthy business owners’ whose state of affairs doesn’t meet the requirements of traditional lending. We facilitate private lending:

  • We evaluate each of our client’s application separately. Hence we have realised that many people don’t fit the stringent ‘one-size-fits-all’ yardstick commonly used by the leading banks.
  • Past loan defaults and a poor credit score doesn’t automatically mean we can’t help with your finance needs.
  • Often small businesses experience a tough time getting funds via their banks.  Thus we are here to help those business clients.
  • To fast track the loan approval process and a quick settlement, it’s vital that an asset is provided as a guarantee for your loan.