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    • Money Lent Against Cars and Assets
    • Borrow from $500 up to $100,000
    • No Credit Checks Necessary
    • No Repayments first 3 Months
Quick cash loans provide in cash against cars, motorcycle & boats.

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Why Use Cash Fast Loans
Private Money Lenders?

Live in NSW and searching for Private Money Lenders Sydney or Loan Shop near me in Sydney, Cashfast is your alternative money lender, we’re a combined pawnbroker and short-term money lender, not a loan shark or payday lender, 

Money Lenders Process

As a pawnbroker, our lending criteria is somewhat different to the main stream finance industry. To borrow money from us is relatively straightforward. We lend money according to the value of assets that borrowers pawn and provide as collateral (Security).

Borrow $500 up to $100,000 at Private Money Lenders in Minutes.

Money Lent – No Credit Checks

To qualify for a loan from Cashfast money lenders Sydney! The most important factor is that your asset collateral has value! As the asset being pledged is used as loan security and retained by us.

  • No Background or Credit Checks
  • No Tax Returns or Bank Statements

How to Obtain a Loan from
Our Money Lending Service

Loans are available from $500 up to $100,000 and borrowers wishing to obtain a loan must be prepared to pledge their asset as security.

What Assets Do We
Money Lend Against?

Cashfast as a private moneylender, lends money against most vehicles and similar assets.

  • Family, prestige, vintage and commercial vehicles.
  • All motorcycles, three-wheeler and dirt bikes.
  • Watercraft including jet skis, pleasure and fishing boats.
  • Equipment and compressors.

Cashfast a Money Lending business offers loans against cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats & machinery.

Loan Contract Terms

  • Contracts are set at three-months but can be repaid any time.
  • Monthly loan repayments are not necessary for the first 3 months.
  • You may at your choice pay periodically or at loan expiry.
  • To extend the loan, a fee must be paid prior to the contract expiry.
  • Learn more view our how it works guide

Have Bad Credit?

We can help! Our bad credit loan service is an option to consider. You can obtain a no credit check cash loan against your asset in minutes. 

About Private Money Lenders

Cash Fast Loans – Moneylender is not a private loan sharks in Sydney! We’re a family-owned private money lenders & pawnbroker with more than 30 years of industry experience. Our loan shop in Sydney is located at North Parramatta.

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