Private Loan Lenders

Cash Fast Loans like to think differently! If you’re not able to acquire a bank loan due to their tough requirements but you need to get quick funds then our private lenders may have the solution you’re looking for! We work to get you the funds you need in less than 30 minutes on the same day.

Private Loans

Cash Fast Loans is Sydney’s private money lender. We offer flexible private funding loans that will suit people from all walks of life including business owners’ whose state of affairs doesn’t meet the requirements of traditional lending. We facilitate private lending:

  • We evaluate each of our client’s application separately and we have realised that many people don’t fit the stringent ‘one-size-fits-all’ yardstick commonly used by the leading banks.
  • Past loan defaults and a poor credit score doesn’t automatically mean we can’t help you with your finance needs.
  • Often small businesses experience a tough time in getting funds through their banks and thus we are here to help those business clients.
  • To fast track the loan approval process and a quick settlement, it’s vital that an asset is provided as a guarantee for your loan.