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    • Money Lent on Vehicle Collateral
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Quick cash loans provide in cash against cars, motorcycle & boats.

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Why Select Cash Fast Loans
Private Money Lenders?

Cash Fast Loans – Private Money Lenders Sydney offer a unique lending service. We are not a private loan shark but a New South Wales licenced pawnbroker providing a moneylender service against vehicles used as collateral in obtaining a short-term loan.

Cash Fast Loans your One Stop Moneylender Sydney

Alternative Private
Moneylender Service

For instance, you need an emergency cash loan, Cash Fast Loans private money lenders Sydney service is for consumers finding it difficult to raise or borrow money in a hurry.

How it Works

If you own a vehicle or similar asset you can pawn with us.

We’ll provide a cash loan against your asset value.

Furthermore, we guarantee instant cash or bank transfer.

Borrow from $500 up to $100,000 at Cash Fast in Minutes

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  • No credit or background check.
  • No tax returns, bank statements.

No credit check or wait at private money lenders

How to Qualify for a Fast Cash Loan

Borrowers must own a vehicle or similar asset that can be pawned with our business as loan security. (View how it works)

What Assets Will We
Money Lend Against?

Cash Fast Loans as private moneylender offer money loans against most vehicles and similar assets:

Money lend from $500 up to $200,000 at Cash Fast Loans - Moneylender

Prior Bad Credit Loans

Have bad credit? We can help! Our money lend service against assets is what you need. You can obtain a no credit check cash loan against your asset in minutes. 

About Private Money Lenders

Cash Fast Loans – moneylender is not a loan shark Sydney but a family-owned Sydney private moneylender & pawnbroker with more than 30 years of money lending experience. we’re located at North Parramatta, Sydney and specialize in lending short term cash loans against vehicles and other assets.

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