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    • Use Your Vehicle as Collateral for a Loan
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    • Get Cash Loan from $500 up to $100k
Quick cash loans provide in cash against cars, motorcycle & boats.

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Have Bad Credit Loans

Live in Sydney and searching for emergency no credit check loans online and due to prior bad finance are now considering, how “Can I Obtain a Secured Loan” or find lender of bad credit loans ASAP in Sydney, NSW.

No Credit Check Loans
Available at Cash Fast

Unfortunately, even if you’ve finalized your finance that resulted in your bad report rating, your low score will inevitability hamper you in borrowing money.

We Can’t Fix Bad Credit Score

But Do Offer Cash Pawn Loans
As an Alternative Loan Option

Cashfast a Sydney bad credit loan specialist

How to Qualify for a Loan

To qualify for a loan from Cashfast! The most important factor is that your asset has value! As the asset being pawned is used as loan collateral (Security) and retained by us until the debt is repaid. Remember; you get your money the same day by pawning your asset.

Asset Used as Security

Assets lent against included cars, motorbikes, vans, boats, trucks and machinery.

Cashfast offering no credit check loans secured against car or another vehicle

Pawn Loan Benefits

  • Monthly repayments not necessary.
  • Repay loan in full at loan expiry.
  • No credit checks or application fee.
  • Zero early payout or late payment fees.
  • Even if on Centrelink

No Credit Check Loans Same Day

No waiting and no credit check loans at Cash Fast

When you have bad finance history, consider Cashfast – Moneylender one of the most trusted lenders in Sydney, our same day secured loans no credit check even if you’re on Centrelink maybe your solution in raising money. We’re not a payday or personal loan provider and certainly not a loan shark. As a pawnbroker we offer secured cash loans from $500 up to $100,000 against assets that are pawned.

Obtain Bad Credit Loan ASAP

View how it works to pawn your asset.

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Bring; Asset

Bring; Proof of Identification

  • Photo driver licence, photo ID or passport.

Bring; Proof of Asset Ownership

  • Registration or purchase receipt.

Easy and Fast Process

  • We’ll assess your asset and agree an amount.
  • Formalize loan contract.
  • Receive Cash in Hand or EFT, your choice.

Bad Credit Loans Online

Get your pawn loan pre-approved online, complete the Get Approval Online Form for faster loan.

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