Pawn A Car for Cash Is Easy Here

    • We Lend Cash Against All Type of Car, Ute & Van
    • The Cash You Borrow Is Based on Your Cars Value
    • Loans Available Range From $500 Up To $100,000
    • Good or Bad Credit ALL Welcome at Cash Fast
    • GET CASH HERE! Bring Your Car & Rego Paper
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pawn car loan in cash

Car Pawn Loans Against all Makes

Pawn Your Car For Same Day Loan at Cash Fast Loans Auto Pawnbroker
Your Sydney Car Pawn Shop Specialist.

Get Your $500 to $100,000 Cash Loan

Against Your Car in Minutes Here! 

Can I Pawn My Car?

Yes! Can I “pawn my car” and “get a loan against car today” is a question we get asked often.

Let’s Make It Easy for You!

You can car pawn any car make, model or type.

Visit our Car Pawn Shop, at North Parramatta (Click for Location) the centre of Sydney.

  • Bring your car and registration or ownership paper.
  • Upon arrival we will appraise your car and verify ownership title.
  • Your loan is assessed based on the amount you require and car value.
  • Upon agreeing on an amount, a loan contract will be completed.

Finally receive payment!
How do you want paid?

  • Directly to you in CASH.
  • Transferred into your bank account.

That’s How Fast to Pawn Your Car Here!

Can I pawn my car unregistered
for a loan against car title?

Yes, at Cash Fast Loans car pawn shop Sydney, we offer cash loans against cars of all types. Our secured loan against car include: sedans, sports, utility, commercial van or similar. Furthermore, our cash loan on car as collateral are offered against all vehicle makes such as: Ford, BMW, Mercedes, Holden, Toyota, Audi and other. We will ensure the process is a fast and easy experience when you borrow money against your car by pawning it at our auto pawn shop – Cash Fast Loans – vehicle pawnbroker Sydney. Loan Checklist.

Bad credit cash loans

No Problems! We don’t do credit checks and you don’t need loan approval to pawn your auto and borrow money against your car at Cash Fast Loan company and auto pawn shopYour secured loan against your car is based on your car’s condition and market value.

Hence that’s why finance company Cash Fast Loans Auto Pawnbroker Sydney make it easy to borrow a cash loan on your car! Our No Approval or No Credit Check Pawn Vehicle Loans against vehicles range from $500 up to $100,000.

Borrow against your car in minutes

Get in Touch, Contact Cash Fast Loans – Car Pawnbroker, a Sydney based auto pawnbroker providing short-term loans secured against vehicle collateral.

To pawn / hock your car is easy here

  • You need no loan approval.
  • No credit checks necessary.
  • Pay no application or exit fee.
  • Flexible interest rates.
  • You get Cash in Minutes.

Pawn car loan conditions

  • We prefer your car have no money owing. 

Other vehicle pawn loan options

We also provide pawn loans against motorcycles, pawn loans against boats and other assets. View our site menu for all the loan options.

loan against car when you pawn car loan for quick cash



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Borrow $500 to $100,000 Against Your Vehicle's Value
To Pawn Your Car Visit Us At Our Vehicle Pawn Shop
Bring Vehicle & Registration Paper
Whether you own a car, bike, boat or truck get money here.
Inspection and Verification
Inspection & Verification
We'll inspect and value your vehicle and confirm your ownership.
Sign the Paperwork
Sign The Paperwork
We'll agree on a cash loan amount and a contract will be formalized.
Get Your Cash
Get Your Money in Just Minutes
Your choice: Cash or Bank Transfer.
loan against car when you pawn car loan for quick cash

Borrow Money Against Your Car in Sydney

Who can borrow money against car?

You must be the owner of the car (proof of ownership is required) and the car should be in good working condition if you want to get a loan against your car. You need to own your vehicle with no or virtually nil finance then you have what we call equity in the value of your goods & therefore the ability to borrow money against that equity. We will lend you finance against your car depending upon the vehicle’s estimated value. Borrow against car is also the best way to finance your business. Here is the complete guide to short term business loan.

Can I borrow cash loan against my car without credit check?

A car pawn loan uses your motor vehicle as a security against your cash loan. You need not worry if you do not have a good credit because whether you have a good or a bad credit is neither a condition for borrowing money from a car pawnbroker. At Cash Fast Loans – Car Pawnbroker & Moneylender, your car is your credit. Rather than looking into your credit finance history, we use your car as a security against your credit when you pawn your car against a cash loan. You can get a quick cash loan against your asset without any credit check.

loan against car of all makes

How much loan money can I borrow when Pawning my car?

Generally, we grant cash loans against your car title between $500 and $100,000. However, loan money granted depends on your vehicle’s estimated value. If you’re unsure about your car’s value, just contact us through phone or alternatively visit our office. Once we have a description of your car, we will research its value and endeavour to lend you cash money depending upon its estimated value.

What are the requirements to hock a car at car pawn shop in Sydney?

Vehicles should have “NIL” money owing to a bank or a finance company. However, should there be still a small amount of finance remaining; we suggest you to contact us, as we may be able to help. Availing cash loans made easy by Cash Fast Loans! Visit our car pawn shop today for borrowing money against your car. Refer our pawn loan FAQs to get more details.

No. 1 Car Pawn Shop Sydney

Cash Fast Loans is a premier car pawnbroker located in Sydney having over 30 years of industry experience. You’ll be getting a professional and friendly service as you’re dealing with a family owned and operated licensed business. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

About Car Pawn Loans: This service of pawning cars and provide cash loan against your car or car title is relatively new to Australia and maybe referred to as pawning – hocking a car or to hock a car, however, pawnbroking is the oldest form of money lending and being one of the first pawnbroker and moneylender to provide car pawn loans, we have built a reputation as the Sydney’s leading car pawnbroker.

What cars do we lend against?

If you are considering hocking your car for obtaining a car title loan, we lend against all makes and models from small family cars and sedans, vintage cars, SUVs to sports cars and more. If your vehicle has an engine and is in good working condition, you can pawn it at Cash Fast Loans – your private cash lender in Sydney.