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Hi & Welcome to Cash Fast Loans – Sydney’s Student Loan Lender

At Cash Fast Loans we understand trying to raise funds in hurry can be difficult for most people.

Even more so, should you be an international student / visitor from overseas, maybe China, Taiwan, India or even another state of Australia.

When you need money in hurry! Consider Cash Fast Loans we are located at Parramatta the centre of Sydney

Your Cash Loan is just a Drive Away

Whether you are a visitor from overseas, international university student or a local university resident looking for an avenue to obtain a same day cash loan we may have the option for you.

Our unique cash loan service we provide requires that the intended borrower owns a motor vehicle out right in other words “no finance owing”.

This vehicle will be used as collateral / security against the finance / cash loan which is pawned at our place of business and retained by as security against the intended loan.

These loans require no approval and credit checks are not necessary as the vehicle is our loan security.

You can borrow a cash loan from $500 up to $30,000 against any vehicle that you own. However, this type of short-term mortgage has to be repaid within a number of months.


Loans are short-term and are only suitable for those who may need money in hurry and have no alternative means of borrowing elsewhere.

When you need money urgently

Our service can be extremely beneficial when you’re required to pay immediately for unexpected occurrences or expenses.

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Inspection & Verification
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Cash Loans - When You Need It The Most!

Trusted Car Pawn Shop in Sydney

Based in Sydney, Cash Fast Loans is a leading car pawnbroker with over 38 years of combined industry experience. As you’re dealing with a family owned and operated, a certified licensed business, you will get friendly and professional service assuring you guaranteed satisfaction.

How Do I Get A Cash Loan?

Drive your vehicle that you own, it may be a car, motorbike or any vehicle you have for a quick assessment. You’re free to bring a vehicle of any brand, model or make. The rule of the thumb is if your vehicle has an engine and is working in good condition, then you can pawn it at Cash Fast Loans in Sydney and obtain instant cash loan for the short-term.

At Cash Fast Loans, our expert team will appraise your vehicle on the spot and offer you the best cash loan amount. If you agree with the offer, we will provide you with a cash loan instantly and keep your vehicle with us until you repay the loan amount. Once you repay the loan amount including interest, you’ll get back your vehicle. That’s it! The process is straightforward and simple.

Can I Extend the Loan Term?

If you’re unable to pay within the specified time, you can extend the loan’s term through prior request and by paying an amount in advance. This will help you to claim back your asset at a later stage.

Our Cash Loans service maybe the Answer for Addressing the Varied & Emergency Needs

There can be many reasons why you might require money urgently. Cash Fast Loans want to make borrowing cash loan simple. Unexpected things do unfold in life and often individuals are found wanting cash urgently. So our same day small cash loans can be very helpful in emergencies such as:

  • Unanticipated expenses while travelling on holiday.
  • Unexpected repairs for car or motorbike.
  • Simply a sudden unexpected cost has arisen.

In all of the above situations and more, Cash Fast Loans can help! So whenever you require small cash loans fast, visit Cash Fast Loans and face these difficult situations head-on without taking any sort of worries, whatsoever.

What are the Essentials for Obtaining Cash Loan?

  • Drive your vehicle to Cash Fast Loans premises located at North Parramatta, Sydney.
  • Provide your identification along with your car registration documents or ownership documents.
  • We will appraise your vehicle and offer you loan amount. If you agree, we will place your vehicle into our secure storage until you come back to claim the vehicle.

If I Have a Bad Credit, Can I Obtain a Cash Loan From Cash Fast Loans?

Your credit doesn’t matter! When you need cash urgently, you need not be looking beyond small cash loans from Cash Fast Loans. The best part of this quick cash loans is that you receive it without furnishing documents such as your bank statements or salary statements. In short, we do not carry out any credit checks, so it doesn’t matter if you have good or bad credit – you’re eligible for emergency $500 to $30,000 cash loan from Cash Fast Loans.

Cash loans from the pawnbroker can be instantly processed and that too without any paperwork. Next time, when you find yourself in a fix, small cash student loans from Cash Fast Loans may be just what you need.

What Is The Criteria To Hock My Vehicle At A Car Pawn Shop?

First, your vehicle should not have any money owing to the bank or financial institution. This means that your vehicle should be free of any financial owing. Nonetheless, if a small amount of finance is still left, we recommend you to contact us, as we may be able to assist.

Cash Fast Loans has made it very simple for individuals who want to obtain a small cash loan. Visit our pawn shop today if you wish to borrow money against your vehicle whether it is a motorbike, motorcar or any other vehicle. Also, you can go through our pawn loan FAQs to get in-depth details.