Do You Own A Boat
And Need Cash Now?

Use Your Boats Value & Get A

Pawn Loan Against Your Boat

Pawn loan against boat or jet ski can be a quick and easy way of raising money.
Cash Fast Loans boat pawnbroker Sydney specialises in advancing same day secured short term cash loans. Loans range from $500* loans up to $50,000* based on the value of boats provided to us as loan collateral.

Cash Fast Loans Lends Against All Boats

pawn loan against boat of all typesIrrespective of your boats type or make, you can get a pawn loan against boat and borrow against a quick cash loan.

Most importantly You will get cash in minutes on the same day.

In fact, if it floats on water and has a trailer and you own a:

Bayliner, Haines Hunter, Quintrex, Riviera, Stacer, Savage, Sea Ray, Sea-Doo, Stacer, Yamaha or other. *

At Cash Fast Loans we make pawning your boat easy!

Our Easy Cash Fast Loans!

  • No Approval or Credit Check Required.
  • Pay No Establishment or Exit Fee.
  • Make No Repayment Until Loan Expiry.
  • You Get Cash Settlement in Minutes.

Our Boat Pawn Loan Conditions

  1. Boat to be finance free, or minimal owing.
  2. Boat & Trailer is stored for the term of the loan.

What We Require From You So You May
Get A Pawn Loan Against Your Boat?

Visit Cash Fast Loans boat pawn shop office with your boat & trailer at 10 North Rocks Rd North Parramatta.
Cash Fast Loans located 10 North Rocks Rd Nth Parramatta

A) Provide Id, boat and trailer registration.

B) We appraise your boat and process your loan.

C) Your Boat is stored awaiting your return.

D) Finally,

E) Receive Cash Settlement.

Boat Pawn Loans Are flexible

Choose whether to make payments during the loan term, or alternatively one payment at the end of the three-month hock term. Alternately it is up to you, so you do not need to make any payments for three months if you do not want to.

Boat Pawn Loans Extension

Loan periods for a boat pawn maybe extended. If you cannot repay the pawn loan during the three-month period, you may extend it another month by paying the interest.

Need Help? Tel: 02 9630 6613

For Cash Now! Visit our Boat Pawnshop otherwise for information view FAQs.

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