Terms and Condition’s

Cash Fast Loans – Car Pawnbrokers & Moneylenders is a licensed New South Wales pawnbroker and second-hand dealer and associated motor dealer (License No’s. 2PS0438101, MD037078) and is subject to state Pawnbrokers & Second-Hand dealers’ Legislation Act 1996. – What is a Pawnbroker? NSW Fair Trading – Consumer Rights & Obligations.
Pawn Broking services and transactions provided by Cash Fast Loans – Car Pawnbrokers & Moneylenders are not subject to the National Credit Act or compulsory EDR membership. The National Credit Act 2009, exempts’ pawn broking as it is not technically credit or a credit service. It is covered by other provisions of the ASIC 2001 Act.

Pledging an Asset (Pawning)

When pledging goods, transactions (loans & purchases) are assessed on your assets value, type, size and condition. Therefore, each amount is individual resulting in different terms and rates. (Storage facility charges and other mechanical fees may apply e.g. battery replacement)

Period of Loan as per the New South Wales State pawnbrokers and second-hand dealers’ act 1996

Your pledge contract is set at a minimum of 3-months period from date of the goods pawned during this time your asset is stored at our facility. Should you wish to pay out your loan within three months you only pay for the monthly period used. Alternatively, you may extend your loan (Maybe 6 to 12 months or more) beyond the 3 months in which case you will be charged a safe keeping.

Payments as per the New South Wales State pawnbrokers and second-hand dealers’ act 1996

Repayments may be monthly or when you collect your asset.

No other hidden charges

Below is how Cash Fast Loans Pawnbrokers may apply their charges on your loan (Loans against white goods and electronic goods)

Monthly loan fee is 4% of the loan amount.

Amount You Borrow Loan Term Monthly Repayment x3 Total Repayment
$200 62 to 90 days*
(can be extended)
$88 $264
$500 62 to 90 days*
(can be extended)
$220 $660
$800 62 to 90 days*
(can be extended)
$352 $1,056
$1,000 62 to 90 days*
(can be extended)
$440 $1,320


Maximum Annual Percentage Rate based on the loan terms selected: 48%

(Other credit fees and storage facility charges may apply) Different amounts and terms will result in different comparison rates.

Your loan contracts are generally between 62 to 90 days, however our friendly customer service staff can assist you if you need to extend your loan term or payout your loan earlier and collect your asset, just talk to us on 02 9630 6613 and we will look after you.

Other Services

Cash for Cars – Motorcycles – Boats:
We are a cash buyer of most makes of: Cars, Motorcycles and Boats and other Assets.

Visit us with your asset, should you be comfortable with our offer we will complete our title checks and identification process. Finally, you will receive settlement.

Asset Sales

You are welcome to contact us for our sales inventory details or our eBay and Gumtree sales links.

Vehicle Storage Facility

Should you require storage / parking for an automotive asset contact us for pricing and details.