Easy Cash Loan Checklist

Hi and Welcome to our Easy Loan Checklist. Let’s makes it easy for you to understand how our loans work and what we require from you.

We are a New South Wales licensed money lender providing Short-Term Cash Loans advanced against the value of an asset which is owned by the borrower and is used by us as loan collateral (loan security). Loan assets are held by us until the loan is repaid.

Getting a short-term cash loan, whether it be: $500 or $100, 000 is easy by Borrowing Against Your:

  • Car · Van · Utility · Truck · Motorcycle · Boat · Jet Ski · Caravan · Camper Trailer · Trailer · Bobcat · Excavator · Machinery or Other Valuables and you’ll get cash in minutes on the same day.


  • Your asset preferably must have NO FINANCE OWING or at least minimal owing.
  • Your asset remains with us in storage until such stage as the loan is repaid.


Please provide any Three Forms of Identification as listed below.

One must contain a photograph, full name and date of birth.

  • Australian Photo Driver’s Licence.
  • Australian or Overseas Passport.
  • Proof of Age, Medicare or Seniors card.
  • Any Credit or Debit card with your name.


Please Provide PROOF of ASSET OWNERSHIP as listed below.

  • Certificate of Registration or have the ability to login RMS online services to retrieve details.
  • Dealer sales invoice or disposal notice.
  • Unable to supply either we will contact the motor registry on your behalf.