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Cash Loan Checklist

At Cash Fast Loans obtaining a short-term cash loan is relatively fast and easy. Whether you are a private or business borrower or maybe have bad credit. This helpful cash loan Checklist and vehicle pawn loan checklist is provided as a guide for those wanting to pawn their asset or vehicle and borrow money.

What Vehicles Do We Pawn & Lend Against?

Cash Pawn Loans are available against: Cars, vans, utilities, motorcycles and boats. Furthermore, we do take into consideration trucks, trailers, bobcats, excavators or similar.

Ownership & Rights

You must own or have the rights to a vehicle or similar that you can pledge as security against the cash loan you require.

  • Importantly, vehicle / asset cannot have finance owing.

How Do We Assess Your Loan?

The amount we lend and most important the amount you require will be calculated on the market value of the vehicle collateral that you are pawning.

What Amount Will We Lend?

We have available immediate funds from $500 up to $100,000 depending your requirement.

What We Require from You

  1. You need to provide three forms of identification. E.g. Driver’s Licence, Medicare Card, Credit card, Passport or similar.
  2. We require one document proving vehicle / asset ownership. E.g. Registration paper or sales receipt or invoice.

Should you be unable to provide, we have alternative means of verifying ownership.

cash loan checklist, a list of requirements & documents needed for a vehicle pawn loan.

Obtaining Your Cash loan

Having viewed our cash loans checklist, simply visit us at North Parramatta Cash Fast Loans