Borrow Against Truck Loan?
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We Turn Big Wheels into Cash!

Borrow Against Truck at Cash Fast Loans maybe an option when you Need Cash Today! We are Sydney based pawn shop lender of short-term cash loans secured against trucks and other commercial assets.

Need Cash? And own a Truck or similar vehicle? Our Borrow against truck loan may be a solution when goinging through a slow period? Difficulty in raising money? Simply borrow a short-term truck pawn loan. It’s that easy to get the cash you need quickly.Borrow against Trucks

Truck Pawn Loans For All!
Good Or Bad Credit?

  • No Problems! You Don’t Need Loan Approval.
  • Your Truck is your Collateral and our Security.

That’s why Cash Fast Loans – Truck pawnbroker makes borrowing money easy! Our “No Approval Required” short-term secured Cash Loans range up to $50,000 advanced against the value of your truck as loan collateral.

Can I Pawn My Truck?

We provide pawn loans against any make or truck type. We can help at Cash Fast Loans – Truck Pawn Broker Sydney. Check Out Loan Check-List.

Our Truck Pawn Loans
Are Hassle FreeCash in minutes our guarantee

  • No Loan Approval or Credit Check Required.
  • Pay No Setup or Exit Fee.
  • Make No Repayment Until Loan Expiry.
  • You Get Cash Settlement in Minutes.

Borrow Against Truck Loan

To borrow a quick cash loan use your truck as collateral against the cash finance you intend to borrow. Subject to your need and your vehicles value we will pawn your vehicle and lend up to $50,000*.Borrow Against Truck

Our Truck Loan Conditions

  1. Truck to be finance free, or minimal owing.
  2. Truck remains with us for the loan term.

What We Require From You

Visit Cash Fast Loans office North Parramatta.Borrow Against Truck Requirements

  • Instant Cash Loan Process
  • Provide identification and registration.
  • Vehicle is appraised and loan processed.
  • Finally, You Receive Cash Settlement.

Cash Fast Loans
Truck Pawn Shop

A family owned Sydney lender with years of experience. We specialise in advancing same day short term cash pawn loans borrowed against the value of vehicles whether it be a truck or similar commercial. We lend to all, private or small business requiring same day quick cash.

Leading Truck Pawnbroker

Cash Fast Loans is a leading truck pawnbroker and moneylender. We are based in Parramatta the centre of Sydney having auto pawnbroker industry experience of over 30 years.

Irrespective of the make or model of your truck we will lend against any type of truck and cash advance in just minutes. Simply use the value of your truck to obtain a pawn truck loan. Cash Fast Loans truck pawnbroker provides same day loans up to $50,000*. Our cash loans against trucks are based upon the trucks condition and value. Most importantly the cash is advanced in minutes on the same day.

Easy Pawn Truck Loans

If you badly need money to pay your bills or to meet an unexpected business expense. Simply pawn your truck or commercial vehicle to borrow an instant short-term cash loan. We can provide a cash loan up to $50,000* depending on your truck’s value.