Borrow against Caravan to raise money fast

Caravan pawn loan is a quick way to borrow money you may need. Cash Fast Loans specialise in providing pawn loans against caravans, campervans and camper trailers. Consequently, we provide pawn loans against all makes & models of caravan brands. Most of all brands such as Concept, Crusader, Diamond, Bushmaster, Avida, Coromal, Galaxy, Avan etc. Furthermore, irrespective of your caravan’s model or make, you can pawn your caravan against a quick cash loan. We provide same day cash loan against caravan ranging from $500* to $50,000*. Of course this depends upon your caravan’s condition. Also you will get cash in minutes on the same day.

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Further Information

  • Loan Amount:   Beginning from $500* up to $50,000*
  • Loan Type:   Pawn loan is a secured loan against your caravans value
  • Loan Term:   3 Months normally (but can be increased upon request)
  • Interest Rate Type:   Fixed – It will remain the same for the term of loan
  • Processing Time:   You’ll get cash in minutes*
  • Eligibility Criteria:   Must be over 18 years of age and own the asset
  • Who Can Get Loan Against Caravan:   A professional or businessman, an ex-bankrupt or individual with or without a job, person receiving Centrelink payments, can all get a caravan pawn loan
  • Pawn Loan Checklist:   Click Here to view list of documents that you need to bring with you when you come to our loan office with your vehicle.

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