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Boat Pawn Loans Same Day

Boat Pawn Loans, a financial service provided by Cash Fast Loans
Your Sydney Boat Pawn Shop Specialist

We are one of Sydney’s most trusted short-term cash loan lenders. Whether you are a private individual or small business we are here to help with your finance need. In fact, you can be a bankrupt and it does not affect your ability to borrow a short-term loan from us.

Cash Loan against boat

When you need cash in a hurry and own a boat! Our Boat Pawn Loan service we offer is an option to be considered even if you have bad credit. This loan is not subject to your credit worthiness, but advanced based on your boats condition and its market value.

To pawn your boat and obtain a short-term cash loan against your boat the pre-process is relatively easy. As stated, your loan advance is Not Reliant on Your Credit Score! Therefore, there is No Need to Process Credit or Background Checks. Hence, You Don’t Need Loan Approval. (View Our Loan Checklist)

Loans against ALL boats

We accept all hulls including: fishing boat, leisure boat, and all the various makes, including: Bayliner, Haines Hunter, Quintrex, Riviera, Stacer, Savage, Sea Ray, Sea-Doo, Stacer, Yamaha or similar.

When I Pawn my boat how fast do, I get cash?

Our Boat Pawn Loans service allows you to borrow against your boat the same day even if you have bad credit! And, most importantly you get cash in minutes.

To pawn your boat is easy

Visit our boat pawn shop and we’ll do the rest.

  • You need no loan approval.
  • No establishment fee applies.

Loan conditions

  • Your boat is to be finance free.

Loan flexibility

At Cash Fast Loans our short-term finance contracts have repayment flexibility built in. You may make repayment during the contract term, or alternatively one full and final repayment at contract expiry. Should you be unable to repay prior to the contract expiry, you may extend by paying an agreed amount.

How to pawn my boat?

Visit Cash Fast Loans Boat Pawn Shop.

  • Bring: identification, boat and trailer registration.
  • Easy process, we verify ownership and finalize in minutes.
  • Receive Cash settlement in minutes.

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